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Optimize your tweet reach with Buffer and SocialBro

February 10, 2012 2 comments

HOW TO Post Your Tweets At Optimal Times

Ever wondered what your truly best times to Tweet are? Knowing when you can reach most of your friends and followers can have a huge impact. We found that it can increase the number of clicks by 200%, double your retweets and considerably increase your Klout score.

The guys at Buffer sat down with the team from SocialBro and brainstormed a solution for you.

SocialBro is a wonderful Social Media dashboard that gives you a huge amount of information about your Twitter account. Personally I have been very successful understanding more where my followers are from, whom I engage with the most and much more.

Buffer is an amazing tool that allows you to schedule the content you find online and add it to your Twitter stream (it also works on Facebook). The app publishes the tweets according to the times you choose and, as we can read on its site, “with Buffer, we do the scheduling and let you focus on the sharing!”.

And as of today, SocialBro also integrates with Buffer. This works in the most hassle free way possible. Simply with the click of one button.

With this new feature, now you will be able to configure the times for scheduling your tweets via Buffer with the help of our Best Time to Tweet reportSocialBro calculates your best times to tweet during the week, helping you spread your content at the times you have more followers online. Isn’t it fantastic! Read more…

Who Is Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower? This App Will Tell You

February 5, 2012 2 comments

There’s no reason to determine your virtual worth based solely on the number of people who follow you on Twitter — not when you can find the number of people who follow your followers, at least.

That’s what an app launched Monday promises to tell you, and along the way, it will also name your single Most Valuable Follower. Read more…

5 iPhone Twitter Apps that Do More Than Just Tweet

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

When Twitter recently launched the newest version of its iPhone app, the company focused on streamlining and simplifying the user interface.

Ryan Sarver, head of Twitter API, said, “In a world where Facebook and Google are competing on features, Twitter wants to focus on being simple.”

However, even as the official Twitter app keeps it straightforward, developers are providing more in-depth Twitter capabilities on other apps. I took a look at various Twitter iPhone applications on the market today. Learn how you can expand your Twitter capabilities using these apps. Read more…

Vizify: View Your Twitter Stats As An Infographic

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We all have so much Twitter activity that its hard to get a bird’s eye view. Vizify is a web service that aims to deliver just that, a bird’s eye view of your Twitter activity presented as an easy to view infographic. The first part of the infographic displays a graph of your tweets for each month, going back upto 3,200 tweets.

It is followed by a list of your 5 most retweeted posts and a list of your top 5 favorite followers based on the number of times they have mentioned you in their tweets. You can also click on the little arrow at the bottom of each list to view more entries. You cannot save the infographic as an image but you can tweet your results.


  • View your twitter activity as a cool infographic.
  • See tweets per month, most retweeted and most favorite followers.
  • View favorite theme based on words you frequently tweet.
  • Similar tool: Twoolr.

Visit Vizify @

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