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Stop Buying Customers. Buy Customer Profiles. Insight From The Founder of

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment sells pet food, via a subscription, to pet owners. I’ve never been a fuzzy wuzzy warm hearted pet guy, but I do know that those who own pets often treat their pets like family members and their pet’s food is VERY important. PetFlow’s got a great thing going.

Alex Zhardanovsky, co-founder of has lots of experience in online marketing and he’s using this experience to drive huge sales and profits for Priot to he founded (and sold) advertising network, AdZoogle.

After he sold AdZoogle, Alex and his business partner were looking for their next business venture – hence started in 2009. They’re gaining thousands of new customers per month and he has over 300,000 Facebook fans.

Here are some tips from Alex Zhardanovsky:
1. On Facebook people don’t want to shop – they want to converse, have fun, engage. Stop selling to them.
PetFlow gives its customers and prospective customers what they want, highly engaged – funny photos and more. Read more…


February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Facebook just filed an S1 with the SEC announcing its intention to sell shares to the public.

The filing contains all sorts of long held secrets about the company.

We’re going through it now, and updating this post with anything remarkable we learn.

QUICK TAKE:  Facebook’s ad business is not growing as fast as you’d like, but rates are going up, even as inventory soars, and that’s reassuring.  The payments business – the way Facebook makes money off FarmVille, etc – grew 500% in the past year, too. Holy cow: Zuckerberg is rich.

Read more…

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