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February 21, 2012 1 comment

After reading all the great editor reviews and the not so great user reviews which of course matters the most, I decided to try out the device myself and write my own review from the perspective of an average African consumer. My review will be focused on three major points, SetupAffordability and Durability.

After pulling the device out from the carton and fixing in the in-tray and ink cartridges, just as the step-by-step manual states, all you have to do is plug the printer to a power socket, switch on the printer, connect the printer to your wireless network or connect the printer to your PC via the USB cable, install the printer driver on your PC and you are ready to print all in 20 – 30 mins. The ePrint function works like a charm via a wired network connection, but setting-up the ePrint function to work via my wireless network is a headache which is yet to go away. You will be asked for your proxy connectivity details which 90% of the African population knows nothing about. So most likely the printer will be used via a wired network connection making the wireless a waste that is if you don’t care about the awesome ePrint function. Read more…

Optimize your tweet reach with Buffer and SocialBro

February 10, 2012 2 comments

HOW TO Post Your Tweets At Optimal Times

Ever wondered what your truly best times to Tweet are? Knowing when you can reach most of your friends and followers can have a huge impact. We found that it can increase the number of clicks by 200%, double your retweets and considerably increase your Klout score.

The guys at Buffer sat down with the team from SocialBro and brainstormed a solution for you.

SocialBro is a wonderful Social Media dashboard that gives you a huge amount of information about your Twitter account. Personally I have been very successful understanding more where my followers are from, whom I engage with the most and much more.

Buffer is an amazing tool that allows you to schedule the content you find online and add it to your Twitter stream (it also works on Facebook). The app publishes the tweets according to the times you choose and, as we can read on its site, “with Buffer, we do the scheduling and let you focus on the sharing!”.

And as of today, SocialBro also integrates with Buffer. This works in the most hassle free way possible. Simply with the click of one button.

With this new feature, now you will be able to configure the times for scheduling your tweets via Buffer with the help of our Best Time to Tweet reportSocialBro calculates your best times to tweet during the week, helping you spread your content at the times you have more followers online. Isn’t it fantastic! Read more…

The Death of The Data Projector VGA Cable: Epson’s Wireless Projection App

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve used VGA cables probably hundreds of times in my professional life giving and/or assisting with many, many, many presentations. There are always three elements that go hand in hand, the data projector, the VGA cable and the computer. However, many conference rooms have data projectors that wirelessly connect to computers.

Epson recently introduced iProjection enabling its projectors to easily connect to iPhones and iPads with an app. This means that an iPad user could come to your office, download their presentation from SlideShark or SlideRocket and wirelessly present to your digital projector.

According to Epson’s press release, iProjection allows mobile users to present to any Epson wireless projector from mobile Apple iOS devices such as an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and is ideal for business users who need to travel light yet maintain the capability of presenting with a full-featured projector. In addition, as more teachers integrate mobile content into their lesson plans, iProjection is beneficial in a classroom environment, allowing teachers the flexibility to move about the classroom while simultaneously sharing larger than life content. This versatile app also allows teachers and business professionals to access files through the cloud, offering the ability to display documents and files not residing on the mobile device. The app is compatible with Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, Apple Keynote, Adobe® PDF, and JPEG and PNG image files, as well as cloud services such as Dropbox and email applications such as Gmail.

This is a perfect example of how companies who are able to integrate and implement technology into the core of their businesses will be more productive than their competition.

HP’s Latest Notebook: 9 Hours of Battery Life and Under 3 Lbs (HP Mini 1104)

February 3, 2012 2 comments

HP’s released a little gem.

The HP Mini 1104 has 9 hours of battery life and it’s only 2.78lbs. With an almost full sized keyboard is an idea travel companion for any highly mobile professional.

On one hand, computers are a dime a dozen with many being quite similar. On the other hand, and being one who has used MANY notebooks and has many notebooks (Dell Vostro, Google Chrome book, HP netbook, Acer) they do have differences.

The main difference you’ll notice are things like keyboard size and key placement. Sounds like a small thing, but size does matter. The bigger the better.

At $400 the HP Mini 1104 is affordable. HP’s blog post reads:

HP’s latest companion PC sports super-small, low-power Intel® Atom™ dual-core processors to keep the Mini cool, use less power and improve battery life – all the way up to 9 hours of runtime with the 6-cell battery option. That’s enough juice to get through the whole business day without being chained to an electrical outlet! With Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ WLAN and HP Mobile Broadband to conveniently stay connected anywhere, it’s that much more important that the Mini 1104’s TPM Embedded Security Chip and Computrace Pro keep data safe on-the-road and in the office.


February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

When the design for Blackberry Porsche came out last year, many people dismissed it, saying it was a rumour. Well, it isn’t! It has been launched and is now in the UK and Asian market.

Read more…

Review: HP PhotoSmart 5510 e-All-in-One

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment


The Photosmart 5510 is a cool all-in-one unit, with good print speed and quality, great for both home and office needs. A novice may not find the printer easy to set up, as the directions in the manual are not very explicit. I was able to get around it because of my years of experience with hardware such as printers.

Efficient and Detailed

Once set up however, the 4.3-inch colour touchscreen LCD panel, with a very dear icon-based menu structure, did make it easy to select what I was interested in. The Photosmart 5510’s pa-per-handling features are great for a small or home office as well. One great plus is the Photosmart 5510’s ability to print and scan on both sides of the page.

For an inkjet, the Photosmart 5510 is pretty fast in printing (colour and black-and-white), photo-copying and scanning. I was a bit amazed at the speed at which it scanned and photocopied a couple of documents I fed into it.

Read more…

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Mobile Technology Is Transforming The Health Industry, But To What Extent?

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Technology is in the process of bringing change to every piece of the health industry — wellness, fitness, healthcare, medicine — you name it. And as it always seems with introduction of new technologies, it’s awe-inspiring how quickly they can transform entire industries yet, at the same time, make us realize just how far we have to go (or how far behind we really are). The health industry has been touched (and defined) by cutting-edge technology for years, yet its relics, legacy infrastructure, paper-pushing, and archaic procedures are as obvious today as ever before.

Nonetheless, today, we really seem to be at an inflection point. (Or do we hear that every year?) The current landscape is full of inspiring examples of how technology is changing the most fundamental aspects of how we keep track of our own health, how we approach diagnostics, treatment, and more. Earlier this month, Josh laid out six trends in healthtech that could have a big impact on medicine in 2012, and last week veteran Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla wrote an epic analysis of the significant role “Doctor Algorithm” could play in changing the literal and metaphorical face of healthcare. It’s pretty exciting, if not a little frightening. Read more…

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