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InMobi survey reveals consumer engagement opportunities for Nigerian cellular networks

Independent mobile ad network surveys over 1600 Nigerians to gain insight into mobile behaviour


Global mobile ad network, InMobi, this week released insights on Nigerian mobile phone consumers andhow they engage online when using their phones. The results were based on a survey of over 1600 respondents with an equal ratio of men and women across Nigeria. The majority of respondents were between the ages of 20 to 34, with representation from the 15 to 19 and over 35 age groups.


When comparing prepaid customers to those who pay later, the survey found that customers who pay later are 14% more active across entertainment, news, games, sports and classifieds when surfing on their phones. Prepaid customers, however, were 4% more active on social media while postpaid customers were significantly more active when surfing for finance (27%) and shopping (29%).


“The prevalence of use amongst the surf now, pay later customers could be attributed to higher financial security, and also the fact that these customers may have better phones. The opportunity to reach these customers through innovative mobile advertising is ripe,” says Moses Kemibaro, Sales Director for InMobi Africa.


Two thirds of Nigerians are currently actively downloading apps through their mobile phones, and while the number of apps being downloaded is still relatively small, as the environment continues to change and grow so will the quality and frequency of these apps. When asked what content they would most likely pay for, social apps topped the bar with 39%. This was followed closely by music with 35%, games with 33% and other apps from stores at 28%.


Mobile usage differs by gender, as women tend to talk and text more than their male counterparts and are also 7% more active on social media. Men, however, surf the web more from their mobile phones and download more games (9%) and apps (7%) than women.


“The convergence of mobile and payments and the introduction of mobile wallets and banking apps also means that consumers are increasingly reliant on their phones as a payment tool, with mobile devices scoring 51% as an important method of paying bills and recharging as opposed to 16% on a PC. Knowing how consumers are engaging means that products and offerings can be tailor made to a specific consumer market to maximise market opportunities,” said Kemibaro.


InMobi’s intelligent insight, conducted by consumer insights experts Decision Fuel, looks to provide agencies, publishers and advertisers with the latest, cutting-edge research on media consumption habits of consumers on mobile devicesand thereby contributing value to the mobile ecosystem in delivering the best mobile products for its partners and customers.

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