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After reading all the great editor reviews and the not so great user reviews which of course matters the most, I decided to try out the device myself and write my own review from the perspective of an average African consumer. My review will be focused on three major points, SetupAffordability and Durability.

After pulling the device out from the carton and fixing in the in-tray and ink cartridges, just as the step-by-step manual states, all you have to do is plug the printer to a power socket, switch on the printer, connect the printer to your wireless network or connect the printer to your PC via the USB cable, install the printer driver on your PC and you are ready to print all in 20 – 30 mins. The ePrint function works like a charm via a wired network connection, but setting-up the ePrint function to work via my wireless network is a headache which is yet to go away. You will be asked for your proxy connectivity details which 90% of the African population knows nothing about. So most likely the printer will be used via a wired network connection making the wireless a waste that is if you don’t care about the awesome ePrint function.

Most of the reviews I have read call this device the Home office champion, well that might work in North America or in Europe, but an average African Home office owner will not purchase a printer for $300 – $400 USD  when there are more less expensive printers that will be suitable . Here in Nigeria we have outlets called business centers who can afford to buy a $300 – $400 printer not because of high functionality but for durability and productivity.

Now I must say that printing with the officejet 8600 is fast and the print quality is great. The touch screen is a nice touch *smile* but I don’t know how long that will last, considering that we are Africans, a device or function has to be rugged to withstand the rigorous usage, also the touch screen seems to be too sensitive because I find myself making wrong selections while trying to scroll through the items.

GWguru Rating: 3/5

The ePrint function can be used to start a small ePrinting business, where customers who need hard copies of documents can easily print by sending an email to a small business center. I recommend that HP should look into the areas of small business creation/small business solutions if they want to maintain their position as the leading OEM for printers in Nigeria and Africa.

Please share your HP printer experience in the comments box below.

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