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The Death of The Data Projector VGA Cable: Epson’s Wireless Projection App

I’ve used VGA cables probably hundreds of times in my professional life giving and/or assisting with many, many, many presentations. There are always three elements that go hand in hand, the data projector, the VGA cable and the computer. However, many conference rooms have data projectors that wirelessly connect to computers.

Epson recently introduced iProjection enabling its projectors to easily connect to iPhones and iPads with an app. This means that an iPad user could come to your office, download their presentation from SlideShark or SlideRocket and wirelessly present to your digital projector.

According to Epson’s press release, iProjection allows mobile users to present to any Epson wireless projector from mobile Apple iOS devices such as an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and is ideal for business users who need to travel light yet maintain the capability of presenting with a full-featured projector. In addition, as more teachers integrate mobile content into their lesson plans, iProjection is beneficial in a classroom environment, allowing teachers the flexibility to move about the classroom while simultaneously sharing larger than life content. This versatile app also allows teachers and business professionals to access files through the cloud, offering the ability to display documents and files not residing on the mobile device. The app is compatible with Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, Apple Keynote, Adobe® PDF, and JPEG and PNG image files, as well as cloud services such as Dropbox and email applications such as Gmail.

This is a perfect example of how companies who are able to integrate and implement technology into the core of their businesses will be more productive than their competition.

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