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When the design for Blackberry Porsche came out last year, many people dismissed it, saying it was a rumour. Well, it isn’t! It has been launched and is now in the UK and Asian market.

What has however sparked many people’s interest in the handheld device is the ridiculously high asking price: a whooping $2,000 ( N322, 180)! There are no ‘out-of-this-world’ features o!  Would have expected diamond studs or gold engravings!

The back battery cover is made of real leather and has a subtle BlackBerry logo, which serves to cover the removable battery. There’s also a rectangular metal slab with holes for the 5-megapixel camera and LED flash with the P’9981 name engraved as well. The phone also has a forged stainless steel frame sculpted QWERTY keyboard, and crystal clear touch display.

To complete the customization, all of these devices will have special Porsche PINs that start with the letter P, topped off with a bespoke build of BlackBerry OS 7.

Nigerians have however reacted negatively to this new product. Here’s a BBM broadcast that has been circulating:

“Questions to ask yourself before buying the new Blackberry Porsche:

1. Does it fly?

2. Does it download food?

3. Does it  have unlimited BIS?

4. Does it transfer you via bluetooth to another country?

5. Does it have inbuilt ATM device?

If it doesn’t have any of these, consider buying yourself landed property and start the foundation!”

Funny thing is Nigerians would still buy it. Considering that we have a lot of vain people around here…You would soon begin to hear phrases like “You need my contact? Let me just give you my ‘P’ PIN”

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