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Review: HP PhotoSmart 5510 e-All-in-One


The Photosmart 5510 is a cool all-in-one unit, with good print speed and quality, great for both home and office needs. A novice may not find the printer easy to set up, as the directions in the manual are not very explicit. I was able to get around it because of my years of experience with hardware such as printers.

Efficient and Detailed

Once set up however, the 4.3-inch colour touchscreen LCD panel, with a very dear icon-based menu structure, did make it easy to select what I was interested in. The Photosmart 5510’s pa-per-handling features are great for a small or home office as well. One great plus is the Photosmart 5510’s ability to print and scan on both sides of the page.

For an inkjet, the Photosmart 5510 is pretty fast in printing (colour and black-and-white), photo-copying and scanning. I was a bit amazed at the speed at which it scanned and photocopied a couple of documents I fed into it.

And the print quality of the photosmart 5510 is really very good. The texts were sharp and dark at default settings, and monochrome graphics were rich, though slightly colourised (a faint shade of green). Photos printed on plain paper looked real nice; on HP’s photo paper, the quality was pretty smooth and realistic.


  • Great print quality on both plain and photo papers, for its level
  • The automatic document feeder is a plus
  • In most tests i carried out, it had very good print/scan/photocopying speeds
  • Ability to print and scan on both sides of the page


  • Set-up can be a bit challenging for the non-techie person
  • Figuring out where the print cartridges were to be inserted

Bottom Line

The Photosmart 5510 is a pretty swell three-in-one unit. Its print speeds are great. The quality of prints in both color and black-and-white are good. The scanning quality is great and the photocopier is very good. I’d say, for it’s level, the Photosmart 5510 is a highly efficient unit to have for both home and office.

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